Yes Bank Offers : Debit, Credit Cards & Net Banking Coupons

Attractive YES bank offers are sizzling the market with their debit, credit cards and internet banking coupons for their account holders!

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on shopping, traveling and booking furniture online, here is your chance to save money despite all the things that you want to own and use. You don’t have to do anything extra special, except for noting down the coupon codes mentioned in this article and using your YES bank credit and debit cards. You can use the netbanking feature as well while making the payment.

Keep reading for the list of YES bank offers for the best deals and vouchers:

Don’t think about anything else when you have this list in your hands – you can now save a HUGE amount of money without compromising on your addiction to shop online. Go grab some of the best brands from the e-stores mentioned below for you:

• Offers on Jabong:

Ever shopped at Jabong? If you haven’t, it is time for you to logon to this website so that you can be satisfied with some of the most amazing products for your requirements. Awesome garments and lovely accessories are all that are promised to you on this website.

Jabong YES bank offer is meant for new as well as old users of this website; you enjoy a flat 20% discount when you use your YES bank cards. You need to use the promo code YESBK20 in order to get this offer to fill your wardrobe with brand new collection!

• Special Discounts on Pepperfry:

Got issues with the furniture of your house? Don’t you think about anything else when you have Pepperfry on the internet! You need to logon to this website for some of the most incredible furniture pieces for your house or office. Whether you want a couch for your house or a brand new comfortable chair for your new office, everything is available on Pepperfry.

You have to use promo code YES1000 for Rs.1000 off on a minimum cart value of Rs.3500 and promo code YES5000 for Rs.5000 off on a minimum cart value of Rs.20,000. Don’t forget to use this Pepperfry YES bank offer before it expires!

• Coupons for PAYTM:

PAYTM YES bank offer provides you with Rs.1000 cashback offer on flights! If you want to travel somewhere, this is your chance to travel anywhere within the country because now you are going to enjoy Rs.1000 off on domestic flights. All you need to do is use the promo code YESFLY so that you can get all that you want to from the flights you are buying for your traveling needs.

If you are a YES bank credit or debit card holder, this is the promo code that you have to use while buying tickets for domestic flights. Need we say more?

• STOP at Shoppers STOP:

Want to buy new clothes? Want to buy new accessories? Want to buy brand new shoes? Want to buy something that your wardrobe doesn’t have for your fashion desires? Then say YES to the YES bank Shoppers Stop offer! With the help of this offer, you can get Rs.300 OFF on a purchase of Rs.1599!

If you are excited to use this offer, don’t forget to use the coupon code YES300 because without this code, it is not possible for you to enjoy the offer. Don’t you dare visit any other e-store to shop! This season, let brands dance in your cupboard as you flaunt your brand new collection in front of your friends.

• Smile at FirstCRY:

If you want to enjoy some of the best Yes bank offers, you have got to read about the offers you are getting on! If you haven’t heard of the offers already, here is your chance!

On this website, if you use the promo code YES20FCY, you can enjoy 20% off!

If a new born baby is waiting for his first toy from you, if you are attending the naming ceremony of a newly born angel, this is the website that you can count upon because it has some high quality products for its customers.

• Blossoming Offers at Ferns N Petals:

Did you know there is no one who can ditch you if you send flowers to them? Whether you have recently fought with your partner or it is your lover’s birthday, flowers are the best way to express your feelings and emotions. With Yes bank online shopping offers, you can now enjoy some blooming discounts on Ferns N Petals!

You need to use the promo code FNPYES20 so that you can get the discount; you are not going to regret spending on flowers because you would be thanked with love! Go ahead – make someone’s day today by sending them freshly picked and assorted flowers!

• Healthy Discounts at HealthKart:

Health is a priority to almost everyone; unless you are healthy, you can’t achieve any of your dreams. Whether you are looking for health supplements or medicines, Health Kart is the name that you can count upon. That’s not all – you don’t have to be worried about spending a lot of money on medicines or supplements because the special YES bank offer promises to help you save big!

You get an additional 10% discount if you are a YES bank credit or debit card holder. Apply the coupon code YESBANK so that the website knows that you are coming through the bank.

• Hop On to Yatra:

Yatra yes bank offer is now all the very more special because it has brought discounts for all those wanting to travel within the country or abroad!

You can now travel within the country with the coupon code YESMR17 and get up to Rs.1100 off on domestic flights. You can also get Rs.2000 on international flights or up to 20% on domestic hotels as well.

If any of your family member is planning to go somewhere, make sure you let him know about this offer so that you guys can save money despite traveling to another location.

• Check Coupons for OYO Rooms:

Don’t think the above mentioned YES bank offers are what you need? Then you have got to read this one – you may not be interested to buy clothes or accessories; you may not be interested to travel abroad, but if you want to get OYO rooms, this is the name that you can count upon! With your YES bank card, you can live in your dreamland – an OYO room – despite enjoying flat 30% discount!

Don’t rush without noting down the coupon code – OYOYES – use it before the offer expires. Share the offer with your friends as well.

• Read About Discounts On Tapzo:

Did you ever think that there will be a day when you would be able to eat and still get cashback for your food? It is as good as being paid to EAT! If you are eating out, don’t forget to use the coupon code YESFOOD on Tapzo so that you can get 30% cashback on food. The good thing about this offer is that you get an instant cashback of up to Rs.100 on your very first food order on this website!

So what are you planning to eat tonight? Fill your belly with a brand new delicacy!

• Eat Well at KFC:

Have you ever experienced the finger licking good chicken?

Even if you have, the discount is meant for you as well. With the help of your YES bank debit and credit cards, you can get 25% discount on your food at KFC. This evening if you are tempted to feast on chicken, don’t forget to buy a tub from KFC and use your YES bank cards.

When you visit different KFC food counters, you are informed about the offer, which means that you can enjoy it before it expires.

Do I really need to elaborate on this or are you leaving to eat chicken already?

• Book a Car on ZOOMCAR:

So you are planning to book a car as you travel to another location – hop on to ZoomCar because that’s the name for you! You don’t have to spend so much of money on renting a car because when you book a car with the coupon code ALYESBANK20, you are allowed to enjoy 20% off on the same. You just have to use the coupon code before the offer slips off your hands and you lose your chance to enjoy the best ride in town.

If you want to travel anywhere, make sure you book a car on this website.

• Check Discounts On

Booking of hotel rooms has been made easier with the help of

The excellent news is that the booking of hotel rooms has been made cheaper, thanks to your YES bank credit and debit cards. You just have to make the booking on the website and use your YES bank cards while making the payment. 6% cashback will be adjusted from the transaction value and sent to your account.

However, you need to know that there are certain terms and conditions attached to this offer; for an instance, extra services enjoyed at the hotel will not be covered by the bank; you have to pay separately for the same.

• Go On A Trip Using ClearTrip:

Yes bank offers are made spicier when they are partnered with names like Clear Trip!

Whether you want to go on vacation with your family members or simply wish to visit a relative in another location, this is the website that can help you with the bookings of everything. Your trip is made clearer when you have it all planned with the help of this website.

You need to apply code CTMOBYES to get Rs.1000 off on local experiences, flights and hotels, Rs.300 off on eat outs (on a minimum transaction of Rs.1000), Rs.1000 cashback on international roundtrip flights, Rs.500 cashback on domestic roundtrip flights, Rs.1000 cashback on domestic hotels (on a minimum transaction of Rs.5000) and Rs.1000 cashback on international hotels (on a minimum transaction of Rs.5000).

• Travel With Akbar Travels:

When was the last time you went on a vacation? Have you been working too hard?

You deserve a long vacation! What if we say that there is something that’s going to tempt you to pack your bags and go on that long-awaited vacation? Yes – there is a discount that you have been waiting for!

With your YES bank debit, credit and prepaid cards, you can enjoy Rs.1000 off on international flights and Rs.500 off on domestic flights if you book the tickets through! Remember the promo code ATYES for this offer and you’d be getting what you want! Yes bank offers on flights are all that people wait for!

• Luxurious Offers on Luxehues:

If you have been thinking of buying new watches either for yourself or for your friends, Swiggy has to be the name at the tips of your fingers because it is used by a lot of people. Whether the website has discounts or not, you can enjoy 10% additional cashback with your YES bank credit and debit cards.

• Offers on Swiggy:

Want to eat something totally different this evening? If it is raining outside and you are striving hard to decide what to cook in the kitchen, don’t trouble yourself because with those YES bank cards, you can get Rs.75 off on a minimum transaction of Rs.300 and Rs.100 off on a minimum transaction of Rs.400. Use promo codes YES75 and YES100 respectively for the mentioned offers.

• Discounted Rates on Thomascook:

Thomas cook presents offers for YES bank credit and debit card users. For 5% off on domestic holidays (on Rs.2000 and above), use YBDO2000; for 5% off on international holidays (on Rs.3000 and above), use YBIHO3000. For flat Rs.550 off on domestic flights (minimum fare of Rs.9000), use YBDF550, for Rs.1000 off on international flights (minimum fare of Rs.20000), use YBIF1000. For 10% off on domestic hotels, use YBDHT1500 and for 10% off on international hotels, use YBIHT2500 .

• Cheaper Tickets on CheapTicket:

Why do you want to spend so much on tickets, when you can enjoy up to Rs.750 off on international as well as domestic flight bookings? For international flights, use YESFLY750 for a discount of Rs.750 on a minimum booking of Rs.7500; for domestic flights, use YESFLY250 for a discount of Rs.250 on a minimum booking of Rs.2000

Why YES Bank?

YES bank is not a new one in the market; it has proudly been serving its customers since a long period of time. If you want some of the best offers, deals and discounts on different things, you have got to have YES bank credit and debit cards. More and more people are being a part of this bank, considering the deals that their friends are enjoying being a part of it. If you want to make your friends to GAGA over all those offers you have been enjoying and they are deprived of, be a part of this bank TODAY!

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