Yatra Bank Offers: 20% Cashback via Credit/Debit Cards

New Yatra bank offers brings an exclusive discount on travel bookings done through debit card/credit card of HDFC bank, Axis bank, ICICI and SBI bank.

Yatra.com – the leading travel portal that makes your flight bookings, accommodation reservations, and holiday planning a breeze, is raining discounts & cashback offers.

Your favorite flight, railway, buses, and hotel booking website is luring you to travel more with lucrative promotions, discounts, and bank offers. Just stop looking elsewhere, and be assured of the best hotel tariffs and flight ticket rates on Yatra.com. Yes, this website, and its popular mobile app, are all set to make more money remain in your wallet. Just go for it!

Exciting Yatra Bank Cash Back Offers


Undoubtedly, there is no dearth of exciting offers on international and domestic hotel tickets, hotel reservations, and more that is waiting to be grabbed at Yatra.com. With low, mind-blowing prices being the characteristic appeal of this site, there is a lot in store for you too.

So, if you are planning to book a family vacation in a dreamy exotic destination, or desirous of having the best honeymoon anywhere the world, get going on Yatra.com.

With major Indian banks like HDFC, AXIS, ICICI, SBI, Kotak Mahindra and IDBI partnering with Yatra to offer the best possible discounts & cashback on the available rates, the going could not get better for customers like you, right?

So, keep your cards and other banking details at hand and log into Yatra.com for the most profitable discounts on your next ticket or hotel booking. You will love what you get!

1- HDFC Bank Offer on Yatra

HDFC Bank cashback offers on Yatra are valid until December 30. Use the coupon code YTHDFC19 and enjoy heavy discounts.

  • This dazzling offer is applicable for all bookings done with HDFC Bank debit/credit cards only.
  • A single credit/debit card is capable of being used for a maximum of three transactions in the course of this offer period.
  • The hdfc bank offer comes to you on all international flights, domestic flights, domestic hotels, domestic/international holidays, flight + hotels, and bus bookings.

Just use the promo code: YTHDFC19, till December 30, on your HDFC Bank cards and avail the following benefits.

  1. Avail Rs.400 eCash on one-way on a minimum transaction of Rs.4,000 (one-way), and Rs.800 eCash on roundtrip on a minimum transaction of Rs.8,000 (roundtrip) on your next domestic flight booking. This is applicable to the mobile app only.
  2. Avail Rs.300 eCash on one-way on a minimum transaction of Rs.4,000 (one-way), and Rs.600 eCash on roundtrip on a minimum transaction of Rs.8,000 (roundtrip) on your next domestic flight booking. This is applicable on the Yatra desktop site only.
  3. Avail a whopping Rs 1,500 OFF on an international flight booking that costs a minimum of Rs.40,000. Offer valid for both mobile app and desktop.
  4. Get 25% OFF (up to Rs.1, 500) on a minimum amount of Rs.4,000 on your domestic hotel booking. Offer valid for mobile app and desktop alike.
  5. An attractive 15% OFF (up to Rs.200) awaits you on the Yatra.com desktop/mobile bus booking too!
  6. You get Rs.2,000 OFF when you book a Flight+Hotel combo of a minimum amount of Rs.10,000 on the desktop.
  7. Enjoy Rs.1,000 OFF on a domestic holiday package of Rs 30,000 or more. Call 1860 200 1800 to avail this offer.
  8. Get Rs.1,500 OFF an international holiday package of Rs 50,000 or more. Call 1860 200 1800 for all further details.

2. Yatra AXIS Bank Cards Offers

Use your AXIS Bank credit/debit cards on Yatra.com and look forward to availing some mind-blowing discounts on your booking of domestic hotels, buses, domestic and international flights, flights + hotels, holiday packages, and more. Just use the given promo code: AXISAP18 on your booking and avail a dazzling 20 percent OFF, straightaway.

  • Spend a minimum of Rs.4,000 on your one-way and Rs.8,000 on roundtrip domestic flight booking, and avail 300 eCash on one-way and Rs.600 eCash on roundtrip rates, straightaway…..this offer is valid on the desktop only!
  • Enjoy Rs.1,500 OFF on a minimum transaction amount of Rs.40,000 on international flight bookings. This offer is valid on the desktop and mobile app alike.
  • You can look forward to getting an attractive 25% OFF (up to Rs.1, 500) on domestic hotels too; just pay a minimum of Rs. 4,000 to avail this offer on Yatra.com.

With these interesting offers in store with AXIS Bank credit/debit cards, you cannot be asking for more. Be it for a holiday or corporate conference, your flights and hotels have just become cheaper. So, stop thinking any longer and book your next trip immediately, only on Yatra.com!

3. Save on Yatra with ICICI Bank Cards

This month, do consider yourself very lucky if you happen to be an ICICI Bank customer. Why? It’s because lots of good tidings are in store for you on Yatra.com if you own an ICICI Bank debit or credit card. Whether it is about booking a return flight for a domestic location or winning over your wife with a surprise holiday to Europe, you can expect a minimum of 20 percent discount on your next flight and hotel bookings; only on Yatra.com desktop and/or mobile app.

These discounts and offers on ICICI Bank credit/debit cards are valid only when the promo code: ICICIAP18 is applied on a maximum of three transactions in the offer period. All you need to do is log into the Yatra.com desktop site and choose the flight or hotel that best meets your requirements. Very soon, you will be smiling all the way with your loved ones in tow!

4. Yatra Offer on SBI Credit / Debit Cards

Use the promo code SBIAP18 to book all domestic flights on Yatra.com with SBI credit/debit card and look forward to getting 1,500 off on your next transaction. Valid in the period of January 1 – October 30, this Yatra SBI offer is ready to go off soon; so hurry. By availing these discounts you can enjoy your trips all the more. Prep up for some exciting times ahead with your SBI card.

5. Kotak Mahindra Offer

As a Kotak Mahindra Bank credit/debit card holder, you can be assured of getting the finest discounts and offers on your next bookings too. All you need to do is use the promo code KOTAKMR18 on your flight, hotel or international/domestic holiday package booking and say “Yahoo!” Are you ready for this very exciting offer, eh?

6 – Yatra YES Bank Offers that will Dazzle your Senses

YES BANK debit cards are flush with the biggest discounts for Yatra customers. The attractive offers that are waiting to be grabbed with YES BANK cards include the best ever deals on domestic hotels, flights, bus bookings and holiday packages.

So, if you have been waiting to get the most lucrative Yatra travel deals till April 30, then use the promo code YTYES15 while making your bookings with YES BANK debit cards.

By availing these offers you can get up to INR 700 as e-cash on domestic flights, 12% eCash on the base fare to a maximum permissible limit of up to Rs.12,000, 25% eCash (up to Rs.2,000) on domestic hotels, 10% OFF (up to Rs.200) on bus rides, 10% OFF (up to Rs.200) on domestic holidays, and 10% OFF (up to Rs.200) on international holiday packages. So, wait no longer and grab these YES Bank deals and offers right away.

7. Say “Wow” to these Yatra IndusInd Bank Offers

Save a lot with IndusInd Bank. Yes, by choosing to opt for your IndusInd Bank cards while paying for your bookings on Yatra.com, you can get your hands on many attractive discounts. You may like to avail these offers on IndusInd Bank cards on your bus bookings, domestic hotels, flights, flight+hotel, and all holiday packages until April 30.

To avail, these Yatra Yes bank offers, do not forget to punch in the promo code: INDMR17 while making your payments with your YES BANK cards.

How about availing Rs.400 eCash on your next one-way ticket or Rs.800 eCash on a roundtrip when you book a domestic flight? Or, would you rather get Rs.1,500 eCash or 25% OFF (up to Rs.1,500) on your international flights and domestic hotel bookings respectively? With 15% OFF (up to Rs.200) on bus bookings and Rs.1,000 off on domestic holidays, these Yatra offers cannot be missed!

8. IDBI Bank Offer

All IDBI Bank customers can use the promo code YTIDBI2015 to avail a direct 20 percent OFF on their next travel bookings. So, as a proud owner of an IDBI debit or credit card, you can now get attractive offers on your travel bookings at Yatra.com. Say “Yes” to these impressive discounts and enjoy your trip all the more! You will be happy you did.

Yatra.com for the Most Attractive Travel Benefits

These days, the internet is flooded with the most exciting discounts and offers that will make you swoon with delight. But then, instead of going for just any offer that will not give you the largest possible benefits, you need to look at all that is in store for you on Yatra.com.

Here, every month, there are many different offers that are up for grabs for avid travelers like you. So, whether you are looking towards a butterfly tour package in Sikkim, or waiting to go and bashing in Dubai, you need not be worried about your overall travel costs anymore.

The reason being that Yatra.com, your friendly travel portal, is forever geared to add more and more lucrative benefits on your transactions, mostly in the form of eCash, straight cashbacks, activity-based offers, and more.

Just look beyond the ordinary offers that keep coming your way and subscribe to the mind-boggling benefits on this website. What’s more? You can think of hotel+flight combos too and get HUGE discounts that will make you come back for other bookings.

If you still want more, then, think of exciting destinations for your next family holiday, romantic getaway, corporate meeting, adventure trip, or just about anything else, and start packing. With heavily discounted tickets and hotel reservations in your carry bag, you can surely enjoy a lot more, right?

Go the Yatra Way!

So, look and think no further and get yourself the biggest possible bank offers and deals on this site. Here, you can get flight tickets for your favorite domestic and international carriers and enjoy staying in some of the finest and best-located hotels in the world, or plan exotic holidays right from the comforts of your office or home – and all at BIG discounts. Go ahead; the world is waiting to be explored, only on Yatra.com.

2020, be on Yatra.com – every single day – and get home some of the best benefits that you can ever imagine. With these benefits in your wallet, you can spend more on sightseeing, shopping, adventure activities, and mouth-smacking gastronomic delights. Yipppeeeeeee!

All the best.

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      You can get Up to Rs.3000 off on Flight Bookings at yatra with HDFC visa card
      This offer is valid only on confirmed domestic and international flight bookings made through Yatra app.
      The minimum transaction amount in order to avail the offer is Rs.5,000 for domestic flights, and Rs.30,000 for international flights.
      No Promo code is required to avail this offer.


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