Oyo Rooms Coupons, Promo Codes and Bank Offers 2021

What more can you ask for when Oyo Rooms hotels coupons, promo codes, deals and bank offers are here to take you off your feet?

Oyo Rooms coupons have been created for all those who want to travel to another location and book a hotel there. If you think going on a vacation is expensive, you have got to read about Oyo Rooms offers to enjoy them. You just need to check the Oyo Rooms coupons code that’s relevant to you and get the best discount and cashback offer, EVER! What are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn about the codes:

Let us look at the brilliant Oyo Rooms coupons and bank offers for you:

If you have been wondering about some of the best Oyo Rooms coupons and banks credit and debit cards offers for you, here is your only chance to learn about them.

1. Exclusive 25% flat Discount:

Oyo Rooms discount offers have been designed to blow your mind and that’s exactly what they do when you look at them. The most amazing thing about this exclusive 25% flat off offer is that there is no minimum amount that you have to be worried about. You just need to use the promo code NEARBY25 and you are entitled to get a discount of 25%! It is as simple as that. The amount is deducted for you on the booking price that you are expected to pay for your room.

2. Oyo Special offer for HDFC account holders:

These offers on Oyo Rooms app and website are here to surprise you in the most wonderful manner; you get 65% off on Oyo Rooms if you stay for three days and then 25% off after 3 days! If you are going out for a long family vacation, these are the kinds of offers that you have got to use for yourself and for the sake of your loved ones. These offers are meant for HDFC bank account holders only; you have to make the payment with the help of your HDFC credit or debit cards.

When you make the payment using your HDFC cards, the website automatically provides you with the discount that you are looking for. Need we say more to tempt you for a long vacation?

3. Psst… there’s another Oyo HDFC offer:

Oyo Rooms hotel coupons can make you fall in love with them because if you have an HDFC card, there is another HDFC Oyo Rooms offer that you can enjoy apart from the one mentioned above. On a minimum booking amount of Rs.1599, you get 65% off when you make the payment using your HDFC cards. The maximum discount that you can enjoy is up to Rs.1000. Use the promo code HDFCOYO to make the payment.

4. Check this Oyo ICICI bank offer:

Oyo Rooms booking coupons are not meant for HDFC customers only, but for ICICI bank account holders as well. Hold your breath because when you use your ICICI card to make the payment for Oyo Rooms, you enjoy flat 60% discount! You need to note down the code OYOICICI60 and use it at the time of checking out.

Make the payment with your ICICI bank account cards and you are going to get the mentioned discount. The maximum discount that you can enjoy is of Rs.1000 and the minimum transaction value has to be Rs.4000; use the icici bank on oyo rooms offer before it expires!

5. Presenting Oyo Axis Bank Offer :

If you are looking for the best Oyo Axis Bank offer, here is where you have to come with your Axis bank cards. You can get a 60% discount.

Such Oyo rooms coupons can help you get more even when you are told to pay less! You just need to jot down the coupon code number, which is EASYOYO and use it until the offer lasts.

You need your Axis Bank Credit or Debit Card to make the payment after booking the room and you can get the discount for yourself in no time at all. Who is going for a trip RIGHT NOW?

6. Don’t say NO to Yes bank’s Oyo offer:

If you want to know about Oyo Rooms offers for Yes bank customers, you’ve got to understand that there is no other offer like the one provided to Yes bank account card holders! The coupon code that you have to use is OYOYES and once you use it, there is no turning back to any other bank to make payment for hotel room bookings on Oyo.

You get flat 30% discount on all the Oyo rooms that you book with the help of your Yes bank debit or credit cards. Such offers don’t last forever so you better opt for it when they are here!

7. Be quick to enjoy Oyo Paytm offer:

Oyo Rooms Paytm offer can bring much more to you if you use Paytm to make the payments on Oyo. You have to remember the promo code HALFMEMBER and you get 5% Cashback on Paytm payments at Oyo.

The offer is not going to be there for a long period of time and thus, you have got to enjoy it before you lose the opportunity. If you are going on a business tour and have no place to stay, note that you can make the payment with the help of Paytm. The maximum SuperCash that you can receive is Rs.150. Book NOW to enjoy this offer!

8. 10% Oyo money cashback and 30% Discount:

Oyo Rooms app coupon code is meant for you if you are planning to go out of station and you don’t want to stay with your relatives. The good news is that again, there is no minimum amount that you need to be stressed about. You can enjoy 10% Oyo money and 30% discount on your first app booking.

This Oyo Rooms coupons for new users can help you get a peaceful sleep at night because then you won’t have to compromise at all on your comfort by staying at other people’s homes and using their beds. You can slip into comfortable, clean and neat beds at a good three star, five star or seven star hotel. You can enjoy a cashback of up to Rs.1000 by using the coupon code OYOAPP30 .

9. Stay for two nights, pay for only one:

Going somewhere for two nights? Don’t be a burden on your friends by staying at their place; you can enjoy beautiful hotel rooms at affordable rates. You can get an awesome experience at an affordable price and that’s what matters the most.

The only condition that you have to follow is that you have to book the hotel room for two nights; you have to pay for only one night! Please note that this offer is not valid for check-ins made on Fridays and Saturdays. For the rest of the days, don’t forget the coupon code PAYHALF .

Learn about your favorite brand Oyo Rooms:

Oyo Rooms, popularly known as OYO, is one of the largest branded network of hotels operated in the hospitality industry. If someone wants to visit a specific hotel and enjoy an affordable night there, he prefers booking through the website of this brand name. It has its headquarters in Gurugram and operates in more than 180 towns of India, Nepal and Malaysia.

Oyo rooms for Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Goa, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai, Shimla, Manali, Bangalore, Srinagar, Nainital and Masoori hotel bookings are available at discounted rates for all those who want to visit these locations. Since these are the prime locations, Oyo has targeted their hotels for all those want to go on a business tour here or simply visit their long distance friends. No matter what the reason is, if you want to explore more in these three prime cities, you have to ensure that you book the hotels through Oyo Rooms.

Ritesh Agarwal, the CEO of Oyo Rooms, is quite a prominent figure in the industry and the market. He knows how to ensure that his clients are happy with the services of his company. Since it is essential for the customers to get more and more from a specific hotel booking website, Oyo Rooms tied up with different banks. Popular banks like ICICI, Axis, etc. are always there to give their best discount offers to their account holders and the visitors of Oyo Rooms.

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