MakeMyTrip International Flight Offers & Best Coupons 2022

If you are traveling abroad, these MakeMyTrip International Flight Offers and Coupons for 2022 are going to help you save a huge chunk of money!

MakeMyTrip is not a new name in the market; since it has been providing millions of people with different traveling services, you have got to learn about MakeMyTrip flight offers this time.

In case you are planning to travel to another country, MakeMyTrip international flight offers 2022 are here to make a big difference in your life. These incredible MakeMyTrip offers on the flight are going to let you save a good amount of money so that you can use the same for other purposes while traveling.

Let’s face it – we all know how expensive the other countries are, especially if you are traveling to a popular international location. It is quite difficult for anyone to ignore some of the best MakeMyTrip international flight coupons that are available on Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Thai Airways International, etc.

When you know there is a way for you to get a good amount of discount on booking your flight tickets, you can broaden your bucket list and include various other things in it. When you do so, there is a different attraction in traveling. You know that you are spending

Presenting the List of MakeMyTrip International Flight Offers 2022:

So you want to know about MakeMyTrip flight booking offers? Then you have landed on the right page – we are here to tell you about all those flight offers on MakeMyTrip that are going to blow your mind.

These international flight offers on MakeMyTrip are going to bring a smile on your face, since you’d not only be able to save money on your flight ticket, but also on the flight tickets of all those people who are joining you for the international trip. It is surely going to be a super fun to book the tickets on MakeMyTrip this time.

1. Mind boggling MakeMytrip Discount Offer on International Flights:

MakeMyTrip International Flight instant discount offer

Out of all the International Flight offers on MakeMyTrip flight, you might have to choose the one that’s meant for you. Some amazing MakeMyTrip flight coupons have been crafted in such a way that you would never wish to count upon any other name than MakeMyTrip for your international flight booking needs.

MakeMyTrip international flight offers code is INTERNATIONAL or MEGASALE and this is what you need to remember to get the discount when you are making the payment for your international flight tickets.

When you use this MakeMytrip coupon code, you get up to 25% off on international hotels and up to INR 20,000 OFF on international flights. The minimum booking amount to avail this offer is INR 1000 and this offer is available on all the bank cards that you have in your wallet.

The booking channels that can be used to avail these offers are the website of MakeMyTrip, the app as well as the mobile site.

2. Never-seen-before discount on international flights with SBI credit cards:

If you have an SBI credit card with you, all you need to do is learn about SBI credit card offer on international flight.

When you have good international flight offers on MakeMyTrip and the SBI credit card with you, there is nothing else you would ever want for yourself while booking an international flight ticket.

You feel amazed to see the kind of discount you are allowed to enjoy when you use this credit card while checking out. But before you learn about the offer, you should remember this coupon code – SBIIF. When you use this coupon code, along with the credit card of SBI, you are eligible to get an instant discount of INR 1500 on a minimum booking amount of INR 40000.

Even shopping can’t make you as happy as getting this discount, because in the end, it is all about saving at least some amount of money and when it comes to credit cards, not a lot of traveling websites and banks think about their account holders. However, SBI does think about its credit card holders.

3. Lovely 10% cashback on international flights with Citibank cards:

You have to check this awesome cashback offer on international flights because unless you do that, you’d think the Citibank team is not doing anything for you.

Just like all the banks try to keep their account holders happy, Citibank has tied up with MakeMyTrip in order to bring the awesome offer to you on international flights.

The coupon code for this incredible MakeMyTrip Internation flight offer is CITISUPER and the offer is quite simple to remember – you get 10% cashback if you use your Citibank debit and credit cards to make the payment while booking the tickets on MakeMyTrip.

The maximum amount of discount that you enjoy is of INR 10,000 and the minimum amount that you need to book at is INR 20,000 and above.

There is another offer that you must know – for this, there is no minimum booking amount, but no matter what kind of international flight ticket you book, you are eligible to get 4% cashback on your card. What else can you ever hope and ask for? You should be grateful for this amazing offer put forward for all the card holders of Citibank.

4. Always end up waiting for discounts? Here’s an instant discount offer with HDFC bank cards:

Having HDFC debit and credit cards is a delight to your wallet because you are now going to learn about HDFC flight offers on MakeMyTrip.

HDFC has always been known for the offers it comes up with for its card holders and this time, it is a part of the awesome MakeMyTrip offers on international flight booking. With the coupon code HDFCINT, you are allowed to get a discount of up to INR 10,000 on the minimum booking amount of INR 10,000.

The good thing about this offer is that the discount is received instantly and thus, you can use the same money for the other things you are planning in your head.

5. This amazing 7.5% discount offer with YES Bank credit card is all you need to ‘fly’ this year:

Got a credit card of YES Bank? Then say YES to international traveling! By remembering the coupon code MMTYES, you are eligible to enjoy a discount of 7.5% and that too instantly! You need a minimum booking amount of INR 10,000.

Please note that the maximum discount you are going to get won’t exceed INR 8,000 and the channels that you can use in order to make the booking are MakeMyTrip’s website, its mobile site as well as the app on your cellphone. However, you need to remember that this offer is for credit card holders only.

6. Look at this discount with RBL credit cards:

If you want to learn about RBL flight booking offers, the first thing you need to do is check if you have the credit card of this bank. This exclusive offer that we are going to talk about here is meant for the credit card holders of RBL and not the debit card ones.

Just like you have International flight booking coupons for all the other banks mentioned above, there is a coupon code offer for this too. Grab a piece of paper and pen and note the code – RBLMNT and you are good to go ahead with the booking of international flight tickets to get 7.5% instant discount.

The minimum booking amount for this needs to be INR 10,000 and the maximum discount that you get is of INR 8,000.

Tips on How to Book International Flights using MakeMyTrip:

All set to book the ticket, now? We know about the excitement in your heart and can completely feel it. You may have noted the promo code for international flight booking and are all set to enjoy international flight booking discount offers in India, it is time for you to learn about how to go with the booking of the same.

When you know how to book the tickets, you won’t have to think twice to make the booking. Here are a few steps that can teach you how to book international flights using MakeMyTrip:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is open the channel through which you wish to make the booking. If you want to make it through MakeMyTrip app, open that channel; if you want to make it through MakeMyTrip website, open the same.
  2. Choose the option of book a flight from the options on the left module and wait for the page to load.
  3. Now, click on the flight option.
  4. Enter the departing airport name in the column that wants to know where you are leaving from. Now, enter the destination airport name in going to option. Once both of these options are filled, you are all set to book the ticket.
  5. You also need to choose the kind of ticket you wish to book. Most of the people prefer economic ticket. Now, click on search flights.
  6. You get all the flight options that you can choose from. Select the most convenient one, depending upon your preference or choice.
  7. Now you are all set to make the payment. Use the coupon code depending upon the bank card you are selecting and you are all set to book the ticket.
  8. Once you have entered all the details of your card and the payment is made, your e-ticket is shown to you and you need to get a printout of the same.


MakeMyTrip international flight offers today are meant for you only if you have a clue of what you are doing. MakeMyTrip international flight booking offers are going to stay for a long time so you need to be sure about when you wish to visit another country and why.

How to find out if my reservation has been done?

You get the registration status online way before you make the booking. You receive an email once the ticket is confirmed.

When can I use the coupon code?

You can use it anytime till it is valid to be used. If the offers are expired, you can’t get the discounts.

Can I use the name of the city as the destination?

The good news is that MakeMyTrip ensures to automatically generate the code of the location you wish to reach. You can easily enter the name of the city, too.

Do I have to mention the seating preference on MakeMyTrip?

Yes, you need to do that.

Can I have my flight arrangements changed?

You either have to email or call the team of MakeMyTrip to have the arrangements changed. If it is possible, the requested changes are made as soon as they can.

Now that you have all the answers to your questions and you know about the discounts and offers on this website, go ahead and explore a new country this month!

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