MakeMyTrip Domestic Flight Offers & Promo Codes 2022

If you have not checked these MakeMyTrip domestic flight offers and coupons for 2022, you are missing on something that can save a huge burden on those pockets! These Domestic Flight booking Offers for today are here to Change your World!

MakeMyTrip Domestic flight booking offers and deals

MakeMyTrip is not a new name in the market, MakeMyTrip domestic flight offers have always been appreciated for the way they are designed. With the help of some of the best MakeMyTrip flight coupons, you can save a huge amount of price that you otherwise need to spend from your pockets.

Yes, MakeMyTrip domestic flight coupons give you the power to plan your domestic trip according to the budget you have decided in your diary.

Whether you want to visit a friend for his birthday or you wish to be a part of a family gathering, MakeMyTrip offers on domestic flight on names like Air India, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Indigo, GoAir, Vistara etc. can help you plan the trip to any location that you wish to be a part of. All you need to do is learn about the list and you are good to book!

Fascinating MakeMyTrip Domestic Flight Offers, Coupons and Deals 2022:

MakeMyTrip Domestic Flight Coupons

It is not that you have to mug-up the entire list of domestic flight offers on MakeMyTrip, you just need to be sure about the cards that you have in your pockets.

While there are MakeMyTrip domestic flight offers for HDFC cards, there are other special offers for people who have ICICI cards. It totally depends upon which card and bank you want to make the payment from.

Since MakeMyTrip wants to make sure you get what you deserve, it has tied up with various banks. You can now save money on traveling and spend more on shopping in another city or town.

Here is a list that you need to check:

1. Discount of up to Rs.1000 on Domestic Flights:

MakeMyTrip flight booking offers are not randomly designed things; they have been crafted very carefully. In order to give the most promising services to you, domestic flight offers on MakeMyTrip have not been created in a complicated way.

One of the best offers on MakeMyTrip Domestic flight is when you get INR 1000 OFF. All you have to do is remember the coupon code, which is MMTFLIGHT and you can get the discount you have always been waiting for.

This offer is valid for one domestic flight per user. If you are interested to book a ticket by using this coupon, you just need to use the MakeMyTrip desktop site for the same.

2. Special Domestic Flight Cashback Offer for ICICI Bank Customers:

Do you really think ICICI won’t take the efforts to make the account holders feel special? MakeMyTrip flight discount coupons are not only meant for other banks or banks like HDFC, but also for ICICI. If you have an account in this bank, take out its card the next time you are booking the ticket on MakeMyTrip.

The MakeMyTrip flight offers code, which is FLYMON, is needed if you wish to enjoy the cashback discount on this website by using your ICICI debit or credit card.

MakeMyTrip ICICI domestic flight coupons can be used right away, if you are in need to book tickets of Rs 5000 or more to go to another state.

You are eligible to get a discount of up to INR 1500, which is a fair amount for any traveler. What can be a better way to save money than this? This cashback offer is what you have always needed! If you want to get this offer, you need to use it on Monday between 4pm to 10pm.

3. These HDFC Flight Booking Offers should NEVER be MISSED:

Why do you want to spend more money on booking the tickets, when you can use your HDFC cards to get more from MakeMyTrip? By using the coupon code HDFCDOM, you can get INR 400 OFF on a minimum booking amount of INR 6000, INR 750 on a minimum booking amount of INR 6001 to INR 9000 and INR 1200 on a minimum booking amount of INR 9001 to INR 15000. These offers are valid only on Sundays from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

4. You Can’t Miss These SBI Credit Card Offers if you Wish to Travel:

You can now kiss your SBI credit card because it is going to give you a huge amount of discount on the domestic flight bookings you make.

Use promo code SBIDF for an instant discount of INR 250 and MMTSBI for an instant discount of 10% (maximum discount INR 10000) on a minimum booking amount of INR 4000. Use your SBI credit card to make the payment and you’d get the discount anytime, anyday!

5. Cool Domestic Flight Offers for Axis Customers:

The Axis bank flight offers on MakeMyTrip are here to stay because they pop up the moment you want to see cheap flight offers on MakeMyTrip. You don’t have to take a lot of efforts to get this cashback offer, since most of the MakeMyTrip offers on domestic flight booking have been created in a user-friendly way, all you have to do is remember the code MMTWEDCREDIT and MMTWEDDEBIT and use your Axis bank card to make the payment.

This offer is valid for both, debit as well as credit cards of Axis bank. You get up to INR 1250 as cashback when you use your Axis bank cards to book the flight tickets above Rs 5,000 on the mobile site, Android and iOS app of MakeMyTrip. This offer is valid between 4 pm to 10 pm on every Wednesday.

6. Incredible Discount on Domestic Flight for Citibank Card Holders:

It is time for you to learn about one of the best MakeMyTrip domestic flight offers today, which you get when you are a Citibank card holder. While most of the MakeMyTrip domestic flight booking offers may not sound like they are crafted for you, since you have a Citibank credit or debit card, the best thing is that this is the offer that’s meant for you.

When you book the ticket of minimum Rs 5000, all you are expected to do is feed the coupon code FLYNOW and use your Citibank credit or debit card to checkout on the mobile site, Android and iOS App of MakeMyTrip. You are then eligible to get a cashback of up to INR 1200! In order to use this offer, you have to book the ticket on a Tuesday between 4 pm to 10 pm.

We know the dilemma you are going through right now – of course you have domestic flight offers today, but it is not possible for you to understand each and every little thing related to it.

From how to book domestic flights online to how to use MakeMyTrip domestic flight offers 2022 with coupons, there may be hundreds of questions running in your mind. Even though it is not possible for us to answer every single question, we are covering some of the most common frequently asked questions.

Read the list below to have your general queries answered to make the best of the offers and coupons from MakeMyTrip:

Are the prices mentioned on the site applicable to all the residents of India?

Yes; the prices mentioned on the website are for the residents of the country.

Can I use the coupon codes to get discounts on international flights?

No; all the coupon codes mentioned on the website are only for domestic flights and can’t be used for international flights.

Can I make a reservation for someone else?

You may make a reservation for someone else by typing his or her name in the box for the passenger’s name, but in order to get the discount or offer, you have to use one of the cards from the bank names mentioned above. When it comes to rest of the details, they need to be of the passenger traveling from one place to the destination.

Are the offers and discounts on MakeMyTrip still going on?

Yes – the good news is that the offer and discounts are still being provided to the people. If you want to enjoy any one of them, you can logon to the website of MakeMyTrip, or even the app, and start booking the tickets right away.

Why did the purchase rate change during the checkout?

Since MakeMyTrip is based on real time reservation database, the fare may fluctuate at times. However, this does not mean that you don’t get the discount or offer you are looking for. If you have a card of the bank names mentioned above and it has an offer mentioned in the list, you are surely going to get it despite the fare rates.

If I cancel the ticket, do I get the refund?

You get a refund only if you cancel the ticket before the departure of the flight you had booked the ticket for. The amount of refund totally depends upon the amount you paid to book the ticket, along with the offer that you have used.

Does MakeMyTrip search for all the flights?

No – MakeMyTrip searches for only those flights that match the criteria you have put in the search bar. It ensures to give the best rates to you, along with some of the best discounts and offers.

Are all the airlines covered by MakeMyTrip?

No – there are a few airlines that are yet not covered by MakeMyTrip. However, since the website is gaining a lot of name and fame in the market, there are various airlines that keep adding themselves into the list; it keeps changing periodically.

Since I don’t have an idea about the airport code for my destination, can I use the city name, instead?

The good thing about MakeMyTrip is that you can surely use the name of the city you wish to go to. The website, or app, automatically catches the code of the airport that’s in the city you want to visit.

Are there special discounts for infants, children, and companions?

MakeMyTrip is totally into giving discounts to infants and children. In fact, it also has special discounts for the senior citizens. However, all the fares are governed by the airlines and thus, there is not a very big offer that MakeMyTrip can provide the passengers with.

Can I put my reservation on hold for some time, since I need time to think about it?

Yes – you can take a maximum of 48 hours to think by putting the reservation on hold. Later, it is automatically cancelled by the team of MakeMyTrip.

How can I book a domestic flight ticket on MakeMyTrip?

When you get onto the website or app of MakeMyTrip, enter the correct Departure City and then the destination city. Please note that these two cities can’t be same. You also have to mention the return date, if you wish to book a return ticket too. If not, you need to select ‘ONE WAY’ journey. Then, mention the number of passengers, along with their details, and the purpose of travel. Then, make the payment for the tickets and voila – you have your tickets booked!

Final Words on Makemytrip Domestic Flight Offers 2022

Now that you are aware of all the amazing discounts and cashback offers on MakeMyTrip website and app, make sure you wait for a specific day (as mentioned above) to book the tickets online and then go ahead with it. Apart from spending on shopping, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on traveling since MakeMyTrip ensures to bring awesome discounts to you all the time.

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