HDFC Bank Offers for Debit, Credit Cards & Net Banking Users

We are here to announce HDFC bank offers for all the incredible hdfc debit and credit card users. Please note that these offers are for net banking users as well.

Online shopping has become an integral part of everyone’s life. With the ease of making purchases, it has managed to widen the market scenario and helped companies in reaching out to their target audience faster. In fact, it has enthralled users to find the best of products at affordable rates as the discounts are always provided to cut down on the buying costs. This is one such thing that has added value to the overall market processing on online stores. In this regard, there are various banks that came into the forefront with exciting offers that lure people towards online shopping. Out of these HDFC bank is the name that gives most of the discounting benefits to its credit or debit card holders. Certainly, the best part in this entire scenario is that the users tend to enjoy budget friendly buying .

Online Shopping Coupons for HDFC Customers

Online shopping has become quite an important task because it saves a lot of time. The people, who are always busy with hectic work schedules and find it practically difficult to access nearby shopping mall may enjoy looking incomparable variety of items. So, it is always good to shop online. The best part of doing this process is that the shoppers tend to enjoy budgeted deal that may not be available with the physical stores or showrooms. Plus, online stores happen to give so many opportunities to pay safe and keep banking information confidential with quick response. With online shopping sites, the people do not have to stand in log queues. After all, it is a technological gift meant to give a superb chance to the users for easy transaction methods.

1. Jabong:

Shopping made stylish and budgeted, Jabong has set a market standard with its exclusive category of items available. Famous throughout the world with the tagline as “Be You”, Jabong allows its customers to choose the items as per their inner instinct and make their own fashion statement; not follow the others blindly. Understanding the essentiality factor of the clients, Jabong came in contact with HDFC bank, which resulted in a whopping 10 percent discount by the bank credit or debit card holders on a minimum purchase of INR 2000. Valid up to 30th December, this long period discount allows an easy purchase. Promo Code for this offer is HDFCACTV .

2. FirstCry:

Giving something special to the kids, First Cry pledged to serve their cuddly needs. From Diapers to car seats, soaps, powders, cleaners, footwear, clothing and lots more, it has developed into an online store that works wonders for them. Represented online as the “India’s Favorite Baby and Kids Store”, it has developed a reputation in the business market. This made HDFC come to the forefront and offer 30 percent discount on all the purchases allowing parents to do some quality shopping within their set budgets. Promo code is HDFC30 .

3. Ferns and Petals:

Adding aroma to someone’s life or beautifying the celebrations, ferns and petals have always been known for its quality decorations. A name to be trusted on in the horticultural world, it has become famous with its tagline that states “Flowers, Anywhere, Anytime”. Now, the people do not have to roam around the streets to get a designer bouquet of majestic flowers. Making the flower purchasing customer friendly, it has enabled HDFC to offer 18 percent discount on the total cart value and the offer is valid till 31st Dec 2019.

4. PrintLand:

Printing made stylish with customizing opportunity adds a relative touch to the entire process. Be it customized printing or 3D, the users tend to express their feelings through printed mobile covers, wall clocks, t-shirts and a variety of things. To make the shopping more reasonable, HDFC bank joined entered into an agreement for offering a discount on personalized product categories. Indeed, the users or online shoppers are eligible to avail the discount till December 31st. With Print Land, the customers are free to get their personalized images printed on the cups, t-shirts and various other things to own a unique variety of products. In fact, customized printing will engulf the special moments and make it ever cherishing.

5. YepMe:

In the world of fashion, online shopping had delved deep into the lives of many. It offers them an easy way to buy the products of their choice. This accentuates the need for buying at discounted rates to make the overall experience affordable. In this concern, HDFC Bank has managed to offer discounts on the minimum purchase of INR 999 and the bank credit or debit card holders can enjoy the discount till 31st December. Everything from dressing to footwear and lots more, YepMe offers an extensive variety of products at easy buying rates. After all, it is better to go for high quality products from trusted online shopping stores.

6. American Swan:

Giving a new meaning to the fashion world and modernizing the way people are dressing, American Swan has entered into the market to create a glamorous platform for the ardent online shoppers. As one of the leading online shopping sites of India, it offers an incredible range of fashion clothing, casual dress forms, footwear and beautiful accessories. To make the shopping experience of customers on America Swan more wonderful, HDFC Bank has offered INR 550 discount on the minimum purchase of INR 999 and INR 1000 off on the purchase of INR 1799. No one would like to give such a golden opportunity a miss because the discount lasts till 30th June. So, hurry up and access the website to avail the discounts.

7. Myntra:

Online shopping is always a wonderful option because it allows the people to explore new designs and trends prevailing. In fact, it enables them to follow traditions and become smart. In this way, Myntra has set high quality standards with its exclusive wear that opens for men and women both. Certainly, to make the shopping experience budget-friendly, HDFC Bank came into existence with its flat 30 percent off on a minimum purchase of INR 1499. The aim of offering a a discount to the customers is that the company wishes to establish long term relationship and effectual clientele base. This enabled Myntra and HDFC bank to join hands together to make the shopping memorable.

8. Ask Me Bazaar:

Good times never end with HDFC bank credit or debit card holders. In fact, their shopping experience is enhanced at Ask Me Bazaar where they happen to get a discount of INR 200 on the minimum purchase of INR 500. Now, this is like a deal to be clinched. Ask Me Bazaar has been known for selling a huge category of items including gadgets, electronics, accessories, clothing, technology products, bags, footwear and lots more. There are many people, who might not get time to shop from the nearest mall; so, online shopping from Ask Me Bazaar can be a wonderful option. So, take a chance to shop with Ask Me Bazaar and the users will definitely come again for a wonderful experience.

9. BookMyShow:

Never thought that watching the favorite movie would be so reasonable! Indeed, Book My Show has something exciting for the HDFC Bank credit and debit card holders. It happens to offer a 5 percent cash back on all the bookings that sums up to a total of INR 100 discount in a month on a single card. And what’s more! The discount is available from January 1st to March 31st . For a long period of time, watching movies will be all together more fun as the money would be pouring back in the pockets. No matter, it’s an English flick or Hindi movie; the discount is applicable on both the categories. After all, everyone loves to save on the movie tickets and spend them over a glass of coke or a bucket popcorn.

10. Trendin:

Dress in style with rates within the budget. This is what the online shoppers will get from Trendin. A renowned online shopping store, it is well known for the high quality dresses that are created as per trends. With famous brands finding a useful platform to sell their exclusive stuff, Trendin has managed to gain recognition instantly. To add more value to the user’s shopping experience on this site, HDFC Bank is offering a discount of 11 percent on the minimum purchase of INR 999. As the discount offer lasts till 31st July, it is time for the shoppers come into action and get the best of branded stuff within their budget to flaunt their favorite dresses.

Online Travel Offers

Booking tickets, finding the best hotels, cracking flight deals and availing extensive holiday packages abroad as well as domestic categories, online traveling solutions can be a wonderful aspect. Traveling to dream destination is what everyone wishes to have. This is the reason that people wish to go for booking online. Since, the technology is advancing to a large extent; then, making them useful is not a big deal. With a varied section of online travel booking websites, there is no need to rush to any travel agency around. Moreover, it becomes easy to see a variety of flights, hotels and packages that can be compared to get the best possible deal. With discounts topping the travel agreements, the experience becomes more exotic.

1. Yatra:

Known as one of the leading online travel booking portals, the willing travelers can look out for the budget to luxury hotels, easily book train or flight tickets and even see an all-inclusive holiday package that might fit in their budget. With Yatra, travel needs can be fulfilled at a single click. And for the HDFC Bank credit and debit card  customers, availing discounts are like a blessing in disguise for the customers. As per the discounts available goes, the travelers for domestic flight can get INR 600 off on minimum spending of INR 8000; while, the ones going for a hotel can get 20 percent off on minimum spending of INR 4000. Talking about international flights, the customers can enjoy INR 2500 off on a minimum spend of INR 40000 and the international package calls for INR 1500 on spending INR 25000. Besides these, even the combination of flight and hotel also accompanies exclusive discount of INR 1500 on spending INR 10000.

2. FlyWidUs:

Online travel websites are making way to the everyday need, which increases their popularity. The main concern with these websites is that they offer extensive discounts and beautiful holiday packages that can fit in any kind of budget. Shaking hands with HDFC Bank, the bank credit and debit card holders can enjoy saving some money that can be spent on leisure activities in the travel. On spending a minimum of INR 5999, one gets INR 240; while the person spending INR 6999 will be eligible for a discount of INR 280. And INR 320 as well as INR 640 is applicable on spending INR 7999 as well as INR 15999. With a varied type of discounts available for everyone, it is an excellent opportunity for the HDFC credit and debit account holders.

3. Spicejet:

An airline that signifies cordiality and hospitality at its best with affordable ticket rates, Spicejet offers exclusive discounts for its customers to make their traveling experience more pleasurable. It allows them to save on huge costs and spend the rest amount on other necessities. Becoming as a platform for HDFC Bank debit and credit card holders, the prospective travelers can enjoy a discount of 10 percent that will be available from June 1st to September 30th.

4. British Airways:

Discounted travel is always a welcome note for the people, who are budget conscious and for the HDFC Bank debit or credit card holders can enjoy this benefit on traveling with Bristish Airways. From 5 percent to 7 and even 10 percent discount, the travelers can take pleasure in traveling within their budget from April 1st to December 31st . This involves outbound traveling to be commenced before December 31st. And an exclusive thing is that they are available on one way as well as round trip journey.

5. MakeMyTrip:

From flights to hotels and packages, Make My Trip and HDFC comes together to offer extensive discounts for the HDFC credit and debit card holders. In terms of Domestic flight, the discount is available for INR 300, 600 and 800 on spending INR 600, 15000 or more; while on the international flights, the discount is available for INR 700, 2000 and 4000 by spending INR 15000, 30000 and 80000 or above. Along with this the hotel prices are cut down for a high quality budgeted experience, which may range to 10 percent and 20 percent. The joy of saving does not restrict to this; rather, it expands for domestic and international holidays that calls for 5 to 10 percent as per rules. Along with this, the bus travelers can also avail a discount of INR 100.

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