Flipkart Recharge Offers 2022 : 100% Cashback on Mobile Recharge

Flipkart Recharge Offers of 2022 let you get 100% Cashback on Any Mobile Recharge! Hop in to learn about how to avail the offer before you faint out of joy! These offers are going to let you recharge your phone by costing you half the amount that you, otherwise, pay.

Which network provider’s card are you using? Airtel? Vodafone? Idea? Jio? Reliance? Docomo? Thanks to the all new Flipkart recharge offers, you can now talk to loved ones, stay in touch with your friends, stalk your ex on social networking profiles and do whatever you truly want to!

Once you learn about the best Flipkart recharge offer, you are going to use this app, to recharge your phone and ensure that you talk to your closed ones without spending a single buck.

So are you all set to learn about the offers?

Check Out these Flipkart Mobile Recharge Offers, Deals and Coupons :

Until you learn about the recharge offer on Flipkart, you really wouldn’t know what you are missing! Because of the latest Flipkart prepaid recharge offer, you can now recharge your phone on the same app that you use to shop for all the things that you want to fill your wardrobe or home with.

While you shop for all the other things mentioned in your list, you can now recharge your phone as well. This means you are never missing refilling your phone and leaving the doorstep of your house with absolutely no balance at all. Let us begin with the offer details:

Now get Cashback on your First Recharge on Flipkart:

Flipkart has proudly announced the launch of recharges of different network providing companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Docomo, etc. No matter which company’s network you are using on your cellphone, all you need to do is use Flipkart now.

This means the app you had been counting upon for your other needs all this while, you can use it for the sake of recharging your phone as well.

And what you do get when you recharge your phone for the first time on Flipkart? You get flat 100% cashback! Also, you have flat Rs 25 off on the recharge of Rs 26!

100% cashback on mobile recharge is the offer you have always been looking for. In fact, this is the mobile recharge offer on Flipkart that has attracted the highest amount of customers towards it. Why do you want to be left alone in the crowd?

What to do to Get this Flipkart Recharge Offer?

Now the major question is – how can you opt for the offer? Of course, you are excited to visit the Play store, download the Flipkart app and get the recharge done for your phone, but since you have no idea about how to use the newly launched recharge offer for new users on Flipkart, you might want to get an idea about the process. Here is a step by step guide that is going to help you:

Step 1 – Download the mobile app of Flipkart: Currently, the offer is available only when you use your cellphone app of Flipkart. Since it is not available or can’t be availed on the e-store of Flipkart, you have to download the app. Make sure you have enough storage space on your phone so that the app can be downloaded without any issue. Once you have downloaded and created an account on the app, you need to move ahead with the second step.

Step 2 – Hop on the recharge section: Go through the entire app and find out where the recharge section is. Locating this section is no big deal since Flipkart is promoting it way too much to let people know it has launched mobile phone refilling, too.

Step 3 – Permit Flipkart to fetch your PhonePe App Data: The third thing that you need to do is allow Flipkart to access your PhonePe app data. So just in case your app of Flipkart asks about PhonePe access or details, don’t be shocked. You have to give the permission to the app so that it knows about you.

Step 4 – Choose the recharge amount: Now pick the recharge amount that you need to refill your phone for. There are several amounts. No matter what the amount is, put it or select it from the app and you can proceed to the next step. However, make sure you select an amount that suits your needs.

Step 5 – Make the payment: Now the next thing you need to do is make the payment for the amount you have selected. Whether it is Idea, Docomo, Airtel or Vodafone, you have to be sure about the payment you are making. You can’t get the offer unless you make the payment.

Step 6 – Enjoy the offer: Now the last thing that you need to do is enjoy the above mentioned offer. It may take some time for the cashback to reflect in your PhonePe account, but once it does, you know that you have received the amount as a cashback from the offer on Flipkart.

Why Use Flipkart to Recharge your Phone?

You may have been using some other e-store or app to get the best recharge service for your phone, but there are reasons why you must shift to using Flipkart now. If you are not sure about these reasons, we know you are going to agree with us when you read the following things:

  1. Flipkart has recently launched the phone recharging service and thus, it deserves to be tried and tested!
  2. Flipkart has always done its best to give the best to its customers; if it has come up with recharging, it is surely going to give the most amazing services to its customers. Don’t trust us? Try it!
  3. Flipkart has brought such amazing offers for you that you just can’t resist them. You have got to use the app to refill your phone no matter which network providing company you are using as of now.

So what are you waiting for? Use Flipkart app to recharge your phone TODAY! But before you go, there is something more you must know – not only Flipkart has begun with phone recharging services, but also Amazon! You can now check Amazon recharge offers and enjoy cashback on that as well. So go and learn about the recharging services as well as cashback offers on this popular app to recharge your number in style.

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