Flipkart App Offers & Coupons 2022 : Upto 50% Discount on App

Looking for the best and most lucrative Flipkart app offers online in 2022? Look no further than the offers and deals on the ever-popular Flipkart mobile app.

Yes, Flipkart, which is India’s most happening online shopping website, is all set to bring your exciting savings and discount offers in 2022 as well. So, start preparing your wish list right away and get set to download the Flipkart app for some rocking shopping days ahead.

Flipkart app is the best online shopping app in India and is well-known for its large collection of items in various categories, be it electronic, home appliances, mobiles, computers, tablets, clothing, footwear, jewelry, fashion accessories, or more!

Yes, you are in the right place. Here, we take immense pride in bringing you the best Flipkart app offers & coupons that will make you say “wow!” Start shopping right away; all across 2022. So, wait no longer and gear up to immerse your senses in the best offers that Flipkart app has on its cards for you, starting from 2022.

With the resounding success of the Sales in 2022; Flipkart, the leading online retailer in India, is all set to welcome the upcoming 2022 with new sale, offers and discount coupons like never before.

With the wide acceptance of Flipkart’s app sales right across the year, it is only natural that valued customers will be given more choices each time they log in. Come 2022, and Flipkart is all set to roll out a host of terrific offers to its app users, like never before.

Warm up in those frigid mornings with the heart warming and unbeatable offers from where most of India prefers to shop online – FLIPKART. Gear up! Keep your shopping lists ready and get set to get the ball rolling by leveraging the offers on various items available on sale at the Flipkart app.

Flipkart App Mind-blowing Coupons & Offers

flipkart app offers

On the Flipkart app, there is no dearth of special offers from preferred banks willing to give their valued customers some terrific cashback deals that will go a long way in making their shopping moments more pleasant and memorable in 2022.

Here, each customer would be at a loss for choice, with each dealer outdoing one another with respect to offering the best deals and offers that they can bring to the rack.

As with all its previous sales, the team at Flipkart is fully geared to fulfill your orders and ensure that they are delivered to where ever you might be, in the shortest possible time.

So to avail trustworthy shopping experiences, get ready with its app to shop to your heart’s content. You will not be disappointed upon taking advantage of some never- before offers that are waiting to come your way.

So, regardless of whether you hold are a debit or credit card holder of major banks like HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, Yes Bank, Citibank, SBI, etc; or prefer to use their internet banking functionalities; you are surely in for some great savings on all purchases. Just go for the Flipkart app and start browsing for the goods of your choice.

1. Hot and Happening Flipkart App Deals on Mobiles

Whatever be the brand that you have dreamt of, Flipkart now gives you the chance to live your dreams. At never before discount rates this month, you can live your dream of owning a coveted smartphone or mobile set by just logging on to the Flipkart App on your smartphone.

With discounts exceeding 20% and more on select branded mobile phones, you will never have to think of a new excuse of avoiding the purchase of a high-end gadget to meet your style and preference. Yes, at Flipkart, there is a mobile phone for all budgets and pockets.

Even more enticing is the flat 25% discount offered on exclusive smartphones being launched solely on the Flipkart app. And in 2022, your preferred deals promise to get sweeter with attractive exchange offers available on the most popular smartphones, just so; that you do not keep the Flipkart app down for a single moment.

A smartphone is never complete without benchmarked accompanying accessories. This time around, Flipkart has gone a step further. The most coveted and compatible mobile phone accessories have got cheaper with a flat 40% discount being offered against each of them.

So, regardless of whether you need a Bluetooth speaker, a fancy-looking screen guard, or hands-free headset, there is just that right one waiting for you. At the app for Flipkart, be it a handy set, jazzy display screens, or sophisticated voice commands; all this and more are within easy reach of valued customers like you………All at the Flipkart Mega Sale on mobiles coming this month.

Here, are the best Flipkart offers on mobiles in 2022:

  • A minimum of 20 percent discount on popular, best – selling mobiles.
  • 25 percent discount on new arrivals of mobiles and smartphones.
  • The lucrative exchange offers on popular smartphones.
  • A minimum 40 percent OFF on mobile accessories.
  • Flat Rs 2000 discount on Moto Phones.

2. Eye-Catching Flipkart Deals on Laptops

Be it the student or a company executive, a common that the grouse is that the laptop in use is outdated! Are you amongst such laptop users who would like to get your hands on a new laptop at a discount too? The Flipkart Mega App sale is right at the corner to make you and all other customers happy.

At Flipkart, the economy laptops have just got cheaper, making this prized electronic all the more accessible to all those who would like to upgrade to the next higher performing model. All this, and a lot more, has been made possible with the terrific deals on offer at the Grand Sale on Flipkart.

Here, eager kids can have their fill too; with prices dropping so low that there simply aren’t any more excuses left for parents to cite. For instance, 1 TB hard drives have just got within reach, and those settling for a tablet can now upgrade their laptops to high-performing gaming consoles. Also, detachable screen models are now more than affordable on the Flipkart Grand Sale….. Are you game for some of the biggest buys of 2022?

3. Stunning Flipkart Offers on Tablets

With miniaturization becoming the norm these days, tablets are a great rage. They perform as well as any PC. But as gadgets get smaller, their prices keep getting higher. With the Mega Flipkart App sale, those pricy tablets could well be within your reach too.

At this Flipkart App Sale, each dealer, in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, is bound to roll out the best possible bargains. With the prices of large format screen sizes comparable with those of smaller laptops, the Flipkart app Sale provides a level playing field for all buyers. Hey, no more is the tablet the purview of the richer lot only….Buy it now!

4. Best Discounted Deals on Televisions

With advanced features like surround sound, 3D pictures, High Definition, and the likes, it is easy for you to get lost while choosing the best TV for yourself, right? As with the features, the cost of acquiring such televisions also goes up.

With the Mega Sale on Flipkart, you can get instant access to all these features and more on the televisions of your choice. Attractive discounts and cash back offers for die-hard television shoppers is surely the norm this month . What’s more? Your credit card will bring with it the luxury of very attractive EMIs that will make the act of possessing a high-value TV set all the more convenient.

Trust Flipkart to get you that much envied television set at unheard of prices. So, get set to loosen your purse strings to bring home the much-envied set, at costs that are a steal.

5. Amazing Deals for Home and Kitchen Appliances

Has the electric kettle, the sandwich maker, or the plain toaster caught your eye before, but you have shrunk because of the accompanying price tag? Wait no longer. This APP Sale promises to help you own all small and big home/ kitchen appliances at an affordable price.

With attractive discounts and cash back deals in store, all customers like you would obviously be spoilt for choice. As with every Flipkart sale, there is offers galore in 2022……Grab them ASAP.

In 2022, Flipkart is committed to getting to you the best of kitchen and home appliances; just buy them before they vanish off the racks, and rest assured that your orders would be delivered in no time – right at your doorstep.

6. Flipkart Exciting Deals on Cameras

Be it that 12 MP camera which you have been eyeing for long, or the 25 MP DSLR; they are all available at never before seen deals on Flipkart. Committed to service standards that can be matched by few, the Flipkart Mega Sale is truly a shopper’s dream.

Here, you get to choose the most wanted camera models from the comforts of your home, to pick the right features, and match the available prices with those on other shopping websites too. This year, Flipkart allows you to present yourself the perfect combination of lens and camera that you may have wanted for so long…..All at great discounted rates that will make you go”yippppeeeee!”

The best names in the photography like Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. have all come together on the Flipkart Mega Sale to present, you, the customer, never before deals that would entice the most diehard misers. Mix and match, or make it simple with a single piece, the camera that’s just right for you is available on the Flipkart Mega mart. Are you still asking for more?

7. Discounts and Offers on Fashion and Lifestyle Category

Why visit the parlor when your basic trimming and grooming needs can be taken care of from the comforts of your home? With easy to use products that help you maintain the well groomed image at all times, available on the Flipkart app in the  Mega Sale, this could well be the time to buy them.

Considering the range of appliances and the terrific offers available, it would be of no surprise that you would have a tough time in deciding what is best for use… So plan your buys accordingly. You will be surprised at what you can bring back home!

8. Exciting Additional Discount with HDFC Bank Cards

As a HDFC Bank card holder, you are in for some exciting discounts that will be clubbed along with the available offers on Flipkart. Yes, look forward to grabbing an additional discount of 10% on all transactions done through your HDFC bank credit or debit cards.

All you need to do to get this discount is make a minimum purchase of INR 4,999/- and take home your desired products at mind-blowing prices. The maximum discount that can be availed per debit or credit card is INR 1500/-. This wonderful offer is valid on your purchases only from 15th May to 19th May.

So, hurry up and start shopping immediately, you will be happy to enjoy the Sale of the season with your HDFC bank cards. Just go for it!

9. Super-hot SBI Cards Offer

As a State Bank of India debit and credit card holder, you are entitled to many lucrative discounts from 20th January to 27th January . So, go ahead and make a minimum purchase of Rs 4,999 to avail of a 10% discount, straight off! Here, you can earn a maximum cashback of Rs. 1500. Start buying today!

10. Super-Exciting Discount for ICICI Bank Card holders

As an ICICI Bank customer and holder of its credit and debit cards, you are entitled to some mind-dazzling offers on the Flipkart mobile application. Yes, all ICICI Bank Credit and Debit Card holders are eligible for a maximum discount of Rs. 2000/-. This amount is permissible to each icici card user during this offer term. The offer is valid from January 14 to January 15. To avail this offer, you need to make a minimum transaction of Rs. 6999/-

Are you ready to avail these lucrative discounts that are applicable to your ICICI Bank credit and debit cards? Go ahead and start making your purchases right away. You will be happy with the savings coming your way!

11. Citibank Credit Card/Debit Offer that will make you Smile!

With an alluring 10% cashback on a minimum order of Rs 2500 in store, Citibank is making things all the more exciting for its customers. This offer is valid from 21st January to 23rd January. A maximum possible cashback of Rs. 1500 will be refunded into the customers’ card account by 31st March . Enjoy!

12. Axis Bank Offers for Pleasant Returns

Are you an Axis Bank credit and /or debit card user? If yes, then you can now look forward to getting a minimum discount of 10% cashback on a minimum purchase of Rs 3,000 on Flipkart. This lucrative offer comes your way from 24th to 27th October and draws a maximum cashback of Rs 2500. Are you ready to start buying all those items on your wish list!

Flipkart App Offers in 2022 :

At Flipkart app, almost all genres of items have been offered at never heard of prices. With dealers jostling for attention, it’s you, the consumer, who is indeed KING. With exciting cash back offers and buyback offers on mobile phones and old gadgets, this is a Sale like never before.

So folks, keep 2022 and the Flipkart app offers in mind; you would never know what’s waiting to hit you……….!!!!

Never a laggard in announcing great deals, the Flipkart Sale this time around promises to be even a bigger event than before. With close to 100,000 or more items on offer, each with its own charms and value; this month will be remembered for some time to come.

In addition, each of the participating merchant bankers has lined up its own offers for valued customers. Yes, some offers are as high as a 25% additional discount on the already discounted prices. All these and more are enough reason for you to log on to the Flipkart app to shop till you drop!

Why Choose Flipkart App?

flipkart mobile app

For most people, shopping fulfills a primal instinct. For some it’s a time to show off, to impress neighbors, or even the in-laws. Flipkart, at its Mega Sale, caters to these and many more reasons. It might be just the time to fill up your wardrobe with lighter clothes after a harsh winter season, buy better crockery, and more. If you are waiting to hear more, then do know that there would also be deals of the hour, that are announced at the start of each hour to bring you the latest in merchandise at affordable rates. So, do log into the app at any convenient time to know the available deals and earn great savings!

With prices at never heard of levels, and attractive cash back incentives from the banks of your choice, this is a golden opportunity to buy the coveted merchandise for which you may have waited so long. With merchant banks falling over one another to help you decide with their additional discounts and specific offers, there is never going to be a dull moment at the Flipkart Mega App Sale. Go for it!

Happy shopping!

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  1. Hey Aniket I am planning to buy a new smartphone but I am so confused between
    1 Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
    2 Redmi Y2
    3 Lenovo Phab 2

    I am searching for a device which has a good camera and good after sale services. and what is the best time to buy it so I can avail discount offers.

    • Hello Pinki,
      I would suggest you Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 .
      Well, you can also buy Redmi 6 Pro at the price range. Redmi Note 7 is also launching on 28th February and it having a 48 MP camera.
      For discount offers details I would suggest you to keep checking our Flipkart Upcoming Sales Post .
      Discount & sale on phones can come anytime and we update sales updates there daily .

  2. Hi…Any big offers expected on Note 9 ? Why Always HDFC cash back of 6k, why cant they extend to CITI or AXIS ? Miss most of the good offers at times…

    • Hi Praba,
      Today 5% discount with Axis Bank Buzz Credit Cards and exchange offer is available on Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus .


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