Top 8 Best Trolley Bags in India in 2022 for Travel

Check out the list of the Best Trolley Bags in 2022 that you can buy online in India for domestic and international travel.

Trolley Bags as we all know is a priority because every man travels whether it is travelling for work or travelling with family and friends. And one who doesn’t? Like seriously do such people exist? For all types of travelling there has been a trolley bag designed for it.

While you have a business meeting to attend in another state or a business campaign to represent in another nation, you must have an appropriate trolley bag for it. If you are a fashion monger and you choose to match trolley bags as per the outfits you wear. If you are a paid traveller and you keep travelling overseas, then you must have great trolley bags in your closet. For all such needs we need that right trolley bag or rather trolley bags and to buy them you must have appropriate knowledge about them. Here is a list of Best trolley bags to buy online.

List of Top 10 Trolley Bags for Check-In that you can buy online in India:

These Trolley Bags are the ideal check-in luggage for all kinds of travel be it domestic or international. Some fit the style quotient, some fit the comfort level, and some are all in one. Given the fact that they differ yet one thing that is common in all 10 of them is that they are the best trolley luggage you got to choose from.

1. American Tourister Crete Polyester Black Softsided Check-in Luggage

This check-in luggage is everything you need to take to your travel destination. It has been designed keeping in mind the details all of us feel a trolley must have.

American Tourister has made this one trolley spacious and flexible enough to keep all your things together at one place. There is a reason why this luggage is considered as a very good travel companion, as it provides the much-needed maneuvering facility for it to be carried to places without feeling too much of the weight.

This Luggage which has 99 litres capacity is available in two size options, one is 77cms with a volume capacity of 99 litres and then there is another size option of 67cms with a volume capacity of 73 litres. So, you can choose on the basis of which size serves the purpose. As far as the wheels of the luggage bag is concerned, then they are stylishly equipped providing 360 degree of rotational activity. So, with this American Tourister’s bag of yours, you have the confidence to travel hassle free.

2. Skybags Footloose Rubik Polyester Softsided Check in Luggage

The Skybags Footloose Rubik Polyester Check-in Luggage is a 680mm soft sided bag that has been on trending demand since a long time now. It has everything that you want your ideal luggage bag to have, like number lock facility, laptop compatibility, soft casing etc.

Also, this trolley happens to be a push button trolley. It can be expanded anytime when you are in need of some extra space for your belongings. The best part about purchasing a Skybags Footloose Trolley is that they come with a warranty of feature of up to 5 years.

The 4 wheels enable smooth functioning of the trolley, so you get a hassle-free companion for places to take. This one happens to be 40cms in size with a volume capacity of 66 litres.

3. American Tourister Cruze ABS Hardsided Suitcase

This trolley from the house of American Tourister has lately been in demand especially by people who mainly root for hard sided suitcases. This Blue colour trolley is full of benefits be it water resistant as well as wear resistant. It is available in 70cm size which allows capacity of 110 litres, which of course is large than any other luggage of the same size.

Another good feature of having this luggage bag is the 2 compartments facility so you have no problem of separating and storing your belongings. But sadly, this particular bag from American Tourister doesn’t come with laptop compatibility option.

Apart from that, the 4 functioning wheels are good to go, and the trolley has 3 years of international warranty which is valid across 100 countries. This one is also available in Black colour. And, there is this Red one of 80cm in size.

4. Safari Thorium Polycarbonate Silver Hardsided Carry On

We generally buy trolley bags when we have travelling thing to do but with this luggage from Safari, you are free to take it to anywhere. The reason of your travel need not always be a family or friends tour for this trolley to fit. You can take it to your business meetings too. The thorium security lock is never going to make this bag a thief’s thing ever.

The durable Polycarbonate material makes this product durable and good looking too. It is available in the size option of 44cms that allows capacity of 34 litres. Buying this trolley bag from the house of Safari would mean buying a style companion which is surely going to be your keeper for all types of look whether it is casual or business like.

5. American Tourister Polycarbonate Hardsided Suitcase

This one from American Tourister is a hard-sided trolley with 4 easily accessible wheels. The Polycarbonate material gives it a tough look and makes it durable too. The 68cms of size and 71 litres of capacity makes it easy for you to keep all your things at one place.

The same piece is also available in a bigger size option which is 79cms that has 108 litres of capacity in total. But the large size one happens to be lighter in weight as compared to the small one.

The 68cm size weighs 4.5 kilograms whereas the 79cm size weighs 3.8 kilograms. Apart from that both have the same features, both have a shining matte texture.

Both the bags are scratch resistant and come with manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. This luggage is all ideal to be called a check-in luggage trolley. It has a number lock feature as well.

6. Aristocrat Nile Polyester cms Black Suitcase

With a polyester material at the outside, this trolley has a soft side and it is ideal to be a nice travel buddy for all your travelling purposes. The Aristocrat’s 66cm size bag has 67 litres of capacity which is neither too large nor too small either.

Also, this bag doesn’t allow wear and year, all thanks to the corner guards. This luggage comes with a 5-year warranty type. If you have some extra things to add and you don’t see any space there in, then you can just use the expandable feature for that much needed extra packing space.

7. American Tourister Polycarbonate Gun Metal Hardsided Suitcase

Another fine piece from the house of American Tourister defines what exactly a traveller wants his luggage bag to look and be like. This hard casing trolley is made of polyester and the colour is Gunmetal, there are 2 compartments to this bag. So, you can keep your things separate yet together.

The best part about this bag is the fine looking outer case which goes well with whatever you are wearing, just in case you are bothered about your airport looks. The 4 wheels to this trolley are as smooth as they should be like and then there is this 4 years of warranty to it.

8. Skybags Cardiff Polyester Red Travel Duffle

This one is another check-in luggage from Skybags and it is a Travel Duffle made from polyester. The best part about buying a trolley bag is that you have the advantage of carrying it when the area doesn’t allow wheel access. The lock type of this bag is Butterfly lock, and there are 2 wheels only but, yet they are enough to make this bag easy to use.

There is no laptop compatibility feature with this bag, but it definitely has extra pockets for better organisation of your things. Even though this one is not a hard casing trolley, yet it has a good strong base that allows support as well as protection from wear and tear. Also, this bag comes with a warranty of 3 year. This bag is 52cms in size with a volume capacity of 39 litres only.

Which is the best Check-In Luggage for Domestic Travel?

American Tourister Crete Polyester 67 cms Black Softsided Check-in Luggage

Luggage bags are always in demand and depending on the travel types, different people have different need of it. But to serve the purpose for all your domestic needs and all your domestic travel here is this bag from American Tourister to serve the purpose. This one is a soft sided suitcase that is 67cms in size. It has been made from a combination of rich and shiny polyester which gives this suitcase a stylish look. There are pockets on this suitcase which makes it spacious and allows you to store the things you remember last minute or need urgently. Also, the trolley is expandable, so you can pack things on your wish without filtering it as per space. This check-in luggage is a must have companion for all the travels you make domestically always.

Which is the Best Check in Luggage for International Travel?

American Tourister Crete Polyester 77 cms Black Softsided Check-in Luggage

This luggage is same to the luggage discussed above, both belong to the same brand and type which is American Tourister’s Crete Polyester. This Black coloured check-in luggage is soft sided and has polyester material as its outer surface. This bag is a good combination of rich look and shinning texture because of the combined fabric that has been used in its making. It is one of the best lightweight luggage for international travel. You can manage all your last-minute packing with this luggage by your side because of the extra pockets the suitcase has. There is a fixed combination lock and the top as well as side handles are retractable. The jumbo volume owing to the size of 77cms helps you pack all your valuable things for International travel purpose.

Which are the best Trolley bag brands in India?

While there are so many brands fighting a competitive battle in the open market but then there are the best brands which have been constantly putting the effort in being the best. These three brands as discussed below best trolley bags in India as far as preference and likeability of the Indians are concerned. Indians repeatedly have been choosing between these three brands when they have luggage suitcases and bags to buy. Here is a list of the best trolley bags in India reviews.

1. American Tourister:

American Tourister luggage bags and suitcases have been designed keeping in mind the basic need of the people which is to accommodate their essentials and to save themselves from carrying too much of load. American Tourister focuses on the comfort of the people including the fact that their luggage bags are easy to handle and access. The bags at American Tourister are available at the size option of 59, 69 and 79cms.

2. Safari:

Safari has been one of the renowned luggage bags and cases brand ever since the 1974. Their aim has always been to design bags as the travelling occasion demands and they believe in the idea of a bag for a traveller, which means there is a bag for every traveller. Safari luggage bags or cases are available for both options, that is, soft sided and hard sided. It has always been one of the best trolley bags brands in India.

3. Skybags:

It has been not much time since the introduction of Skybags into the check-in luggage era (years though), but ever since its welcome it has established a well customer base. Skybags designs it bags and suitcases with the new thing called style and comfort. Every luggage bags from the house of Skybags have a sense of modernity and fashion to it. They are available at affordable prices and make for a good travel companions for every occasion.

Which one to buy and why?

Last but not the least, people at the end have this question in mind that which is the brand they should trust, and they need an explanation defining reasons of the choice so made. What truly matters is what you are looking for like a whether you want a trolley bag for domestic travels or you want one that has 2 compartments and laptop compatibility.

Along with this, the price too plays an important part because end of the day we have to keep in mind our budget too.

After you have check listed everything that you want given the price you are willing to pay, there you are ready to buy what you truly like. The comparison between brands is an important thing to do because then you know what each of it has to offer and what one product doesn’t offer especially when you had that specific feature to look forward in mind. You can find both costly as well as cheap trolley bags online.

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